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Christianity 101 is an adult Sunday School class of the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Garland, Texas. We concentrate on weekly Bible study - a chapter a week of a book of the Old or New Testament. We take this approach to Bible study: 1) What does it say? 2) What does it mean? 3) So what? Every week we add new slides as we develop our class materials for that Sunday's class. The current class in progress will always be at the top of the list.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Book of Hebrews

1.Written by whom?There is no real agreement among scholars about who authored Hebrews. The main contenders are:A. The apostle Paul (written in Hebrew, translated into Greek by Luke)B. Barnabas (he was a Levite, and knew Timothy)The writer was very knowledgeable about Jewish rituals, including sacrifices.
2.Written when and where?•While there are no clues about where it was written, chapter 13, verse 24 says “Those from Italy send you their greetings”, so possibly there were some Italian believers present with the writer. It must have been written before AD70, because there is no mention of the fall of Jerusalem. Also, the author consistently uses the present tense when speaking of the temple activities.
3.Written to whom?•No specific group of people is mentioned. However, it was probably Jewish converts living in Rome.4.What form?•It is not a letter in the usual way letters were written. Some commentaries suggest that this book might have been a sermon, either preached earlier and written down or one being written just for his readers.5.What’s it about?•The theme of Hebrews is Jesus, and is to show that he is absolutely supreme, and that he is all that is needed for salvation. Believers must stick with what they know is true and persist in their faithfulness. The writer makes it clear: Jesus is better, in all ways, in all things.6.Written for what purpose?•It is possible that the Christians were considering merging with a Jewish cult, or were being tempted to revert back to Judaism, or to Judaize the gospel. The writer told them that there was no turning back, no continuation of the old Jewish system.


Blogger His World Ministries said...

Friday 27th July 2007

I want to express my appreciation for providing your powerpoint materials. They are excellent for the objectives of your church and very usable in other situations I would strongly recommend you develop this ministry as an international source for christian communities.

I do have a few suggestions:

1. Keep your introductions to each Biblical book to one style and one format.

2. I think it would be to your advantage to also update your powerpoint backgrounds and images as they appear to have a windows 98 image!

Now: It is my objective to use your materials and possibly have them translated into some of the major languages in the Asian region.

Again thank you for your efforts and keep churning these studies out to cover all the Books of the Bible.

Terry. PhD; MDiv
Auckland, New Zealand

1:04 PM  

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