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Christianity 101 is an adult Sunday School class of the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Garland, Texas. We concentrate on weekly Bible study - a chapter a week of a book of the Old or New Testament. We take this approach to Bible study: 1) What does it say? 2) What does it mean? 3) So what? Every week we add new slides as we develop our class materials for that Sunday's class. The current class in progress will always be at the top of the list.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Romans Study

Romans was written by Paul the Apostle (the author of twelve other books of the New Testament). It was written during his third missionary journey between 55-57 A.D.
From the country of Greece in or near the city of Corinth.

It was written to the Christians at the church in Rome (the capital of the Roman empire).

Romans is about
- What the gospel (the good news) is
- What God’s plan of salvation is
- How God makes all people (both Jew and Gentile) right with Him
- How Faith works in God’s plan

Romans was written
- To prepare the Christians in Rome for his coming (he intended to visit – he didn’t know he would arrive as a prisoner on his way to stand trial before Nero Caesar)
- To tell the Christians there about the Gospel and God’s plan of salvation
- To explain how Jews and Gentiles were all part of God’s plan now

PDF File for the Study on Romans:


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